I have taken most of Melissa’s classes and enjoyed them all, but her latest class on Painting with Pastels was fantastic. One of the videos for this course which lasts over an hour on the "The Rules of Landscape Painting" t is so full of information that my paintings have got to improve every time I paint, if I follow her instructions. Taking the time to do a Value Sketch and the Color Study finally makes sense to me.  The best part of this class was not only did Melissa tell us what she was doing, she told us WHY as well. It Makes a whole world of difference when I know WHY I’m supposed to be doing something.  Thanks Melissa for a fantastic class.  Can’t wait for the next one!

Mary Darling - Boonville CA

Around three years ago I saw one of Melissa's paintings on Facebook and it just took my breath away.. I started looking and discovered she taught on line classes so I signed up.  I never expected to do anything I really liked, but I wanted to try. I was amazed at the amount of information and instruction that was included in the workshops, and at the personal attention she gave all her students. I have taken several of her workshops and I keep learning from every one .. For the first time in my life I have people wanting to buy my artwork, and I am grateful I found Melissa and decided to start this journey.. Thank you Melissa for opening up a whole new world of art to me.

Dora Crowell-Alabama