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My CANVAS COLLECTION of 30 beautiful digital textures is back!

Apply them to paintings or photos and watch the magic happen...Click here.

Welcome to the world of digital painting!  I fell in love with this new medium after having worked for years as a commercial illustrator in traditional media. I delight in the fact that I can retrace my steps in a painting, easily make corrections or change my paper and canvas in mid stream!  It is my hope that you will fall in love with this wonderful new world as well....

Now you can learn how to turn your favorite images into beautiful paintings using PAINTER by Corel or PHOTOSHOP by Adobe!

All of my courses consist of downloadable materials, including several hours of video tutorials as wells brush sets, paper sets and  practice images.

Just take a look at my digital painting workshops offered for users of both Photoshop and Corel's Painter software.  These feature downloadable video tutorials, practice images, brush sets and paper libraries among other goodies.  They are work-at-your-own-pace workshops.

Happy painting! Melissa Gallo (Painter Master Elite)